Axes of the Ethical Charter:
Continuous efforts to promote the cultural, social and economic life of the world in which we live Provide desirable services to guests in the shortest time and with the highest possible quality Timeliness, proper treatment and courtesy, respect and courtesy towards guests Order, discipline and tidiness in the workplace and within the custom of society Carrying out all assigned tasks based on justice
Provisions of the Charter:
1. By providing quality services, we can provide guests vitality, freshness and familiarity with the Islamic culture of Iran and the nations of the world.
2. It is our duty to treat our guests with courtesy, respect, trustworthiness, honesty, and respect along with sincere and friendly behavior.
3. One of the main missions of the hotel is a firm belief in the principles of customer orientation and guest satisfaction.
4. We are proud of the order, discipline and tidiness of the work environment and the appearance in accordance with our Islamic and national culture.
5. We welcome the feedback and suggestions from the guests and while respecting the opinions of guests, we use it as a basis for growth and promotion of services.
6. We are determined to provide the necessary facilities for the comfort and relaxation of guests in a suitable space and to provide our services in the best possible, suitable and modern way.
7. We consider it our duty to perform the tasks assigned to the guests correctly and quickly, and we will fulfill their requests in the shortest possible time according to the rules.
8. By developing individual knowledge, we can help strengthen job skills, increase creativity and innovation among colleagues, and help each other achieve hotel goals.
9. Honestly service to our guests, attention to their needs and wants, better quality, more appropriate methods and loyalty to the law is in our agenda.
10. We do not consider money as the goal of the hotel, but as a means to continue to serve our guests and provide them with new services.
11. Adherence to ethical values in communication, individual and organizational interactions with the three principles of intimacy, honesty and frankness on our agenda.
12. Following the culture of work and effort, we participate in decision-making in order to achieve the goals and implementation of the programs of our respective organizations.
13. We base our activity on hospitality and as our business partner, we try to gain our customers trust and satisfaction.
14. We always consider our guest as knowledgeable and selective and help him/her to make the right choice.
15. We are affected by the guest’s dissatisfaction in case of unwanted treatment and we apologize immediately.
16. We refrain from any unusual discussion, conversation and insistence on proving opinions with the guest and if the guest not satisfied, we respectfully introduce them to the higher officials of the hotel.
17. Satisfaction and good faith of guests in the way we perform our business duties, It is the best reward which cannot be equated with examples of material reward, so we do not expect to receive any gifts or personal privileges from guests and we avoid it.
18. We undertake that in conducting activities and interactions, kinship, ethnic, sexual, racial, religious, etc. will not affect our decisions and actions.
19. We adhere to and fully implement the laws, regulations and administrative rules, avoid any abuse of job position and discrimination in business interactions and communications and adhere to the protection of our organizational information and secrets.
20. Hotel staff are considered as the most valuable resources, so we have no doubt about the impact of their ideas, actions and behavior on guests so with the growth and improvement of the scientific and cultural level of the employees, we provide the ground for interaction with the customers in the best way.
21. We always make the best use of the resources and facilities of the organization and prevent waste and we are committed to saving wisely and eliminating unnecessary formalities.
22. We strive to create, maintain and expand a hotel that staff are proud to attend.